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Seven Key Elements That Can Make You a Relevant Motivational Speaker

These seven elements should be present in any motivational speaker’s speech.


MotivationMotivation does not last, so you have to find ways to renew it in your audience’s mind. This should be the goal of all your speeches – to motivate. There are different core values, lessons, and styles that motivational speakers use to achieve this, but at the end of it all, you should still be able to say that everyone who listened to you walked out feeling renewed and inspired.

A novice motivational speaker might be swallowed by his willingness to entertain and impress, but of course, you know better.


It is easy to tell your audience to do this and do that, but without a benchmark to share, they wouldn’t know if what you are saying is possible from the beginning.

Sharing possible challenges that your audience might stumble upon, or are already dealing with, gives them the impression that you really know what they are going through. Hence, you really know how to help them.

The point of it is not to scare them away but to let them know what is really happening and what they are up against. It should be an eye-opener.


Life is not perfect, and your audience already knows that. Do not create an impression that they can live a perfect life free of troubles and worries because Utopia only exists in storybooks. To begin with, if that is true, why would they need a motivational speaker at all?

You have to show them balance: the good and bad, the prize and risk, and the pros and cons. They are in your audience because they want to know what is in the other end and how to get there. If they are feeling down, they want to be uplifted, so there should be a balance of everything.

4.Ability and special characteristics

Tap on your audience’s abilities and special characteristics. Make use of what they have and how they can enhance them. Motivation is not just about mindset; it is also about faith in one’s abilities. They have to feel they are worth something, and that they can become successful with their own abilities.

Sharing motivational stories can inspire them, but they also need to have a sense of importance for what they are.


After showing both sides of the coin, one has to emerge the winner at some point. If you show the good and bad, the good naturally has to prevail. It has to represent optimism.

By sharing challenges, you give them a scenario where they can feel hope. That hope, no matter how small it may be, will be the motivation behind their perseverance. People will appreciate your motivational speech more if they know what it feels to be optimistic.


As a motivational speaker, your job is to help them set their vision because their minds are probably too cloudy to even think clearly. Always think that your audience is in a place of confusion and despondency for you to be able to deliver the most inspiring series of advice you can ever give.

You have to put them in a better place (pun unintended) which they cannot imagine at the moment. You have to show them a better future if all they can see is darkness. You have to show them the way if they are lost.


You have to define success for them because most probably, many people in your audience do not even understand the success and triumph you are talking about. There are different standards for success. Some link it to wealth, some to family, and some to career. Your job as a motivational speaker is to give them a common idea behind the word – the principle behind achieving success.


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